Outsourced Information Security Officer Service

The cost of maintaining a quality information security program can be daunting for many organizations. Unfortunately the cost for not doing so can be devastating. Implementing and maintaining a comprehensive data security program has developed into an essential business process and has become necessary to protect the long term viability of your business.

Practical Security Solutions’ Outsourced Information Security Officer Service provides your organization with a professional yet cost effective means for ensuring that the essential information security needs of your business are met.

As part of this service we will help develop, manage and oversee your information security program. We will perform risk assessments, monitor security logs, develop and update security polices, and perform security testing all for an affordable fixed fee.

We will be glad to answer any questions or provide additional details for any of our services. Please contact us at or call us at 508-614-0719.

Information Security Risk Assessments

Our Information Security Risk Assessment involves gathering and analyzing threat and risk areas so that enterprise stakeholders can make appropriate mitigation decisions. Our process identifies threats and vulnerabilities and the associated risks and then ranks the probability of each one's occurrence and its potential impact on the organization. Some risks are more likely to occur than others, and different risks can affect an organization in different ways, so a practical risk assessment can help ensure that enterprises identify the most significant risks and determine the best and most cost effective actions to take for mitigating them.

Information Systems Internal Audits

An Information System Internal Audit involves the analysis and testing of controls put in place to mitigate risks; the evaluation of their overall effectiveness; and providing recommendations for improvement and remediation of any controls that are not meeting expectations.

Many IT auditors don’t understand that their role is to partner with an organization by helping them to improve their information security posture. Too many auditors have a “gotcha” mentatility and appear more concerned with the number of issues they uncover as opposed to the overall value of their findings and recommendations.

Our information systems audits are conducted by experienced and knowledgeable information system audit and security professionals. By utilizing the skills of auditors and technologists coupled with our business knowledge we can provide your organization with an unsurpassed level of insight and value.

Information Technology Vulnerability Assessments

A Vulnerability Assessment is the process of identifying technical vulnerabilities in hardware, software, and networks as well as weaknesses in policies and practices relating to the operation of these systems. They can be performed internally, externally or in a combined fashion. The process involves the systematic examination of an entire information system or a specific component to determine the adequacy of security measures and to identify security deficiencies.

We utilize both open source and commercial tools for gathering security related information and analyzing vulnerabilities. Many of these tools provide “canned” reports that do not reflect the actual state of security within the systems they are run against. Unfortunately, many security consultants issue these reports to clients as is and without any analysis. This severely diminishes the value of the assessment and does not help to improve an organization’s security posture.

All of our assessments include a quality review by senior level security professionals and every security issue is double checked and confirmed before being issued in our report. Our report includes all discovered vulnerabilities which are itemized and prioritized with corresponding recommendations for remediation.

Information Technology Penetration Testing

Internal and external penetration testing builds on a vulnerability assessment and not only identifies weaknesses in the configuration network and Internet safeguards and controls but attempts to determine the extent that vulnerabilities may be exploited. Systems connected to the Internet may be at risk due to configuration errors, lack of security patching or design deficiencies. Our External Penetration Test service is designed to provide a thorough examination of your Internet-facing systems from a "hacker perspective" followed up with and understandable and sensible report including steps to take to improve security.