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Our Core Services

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (V-CISO) Services

The cost of maintaining a quality cybersecurity program can be daunting for many organizations. Unfortunately the cost for not doing so can be devastating. 

If you want to effectively protect your business from today's sophisticated cyber threats you need on-demand access to cybersecurity experts that are experienced, knowledgable and willing to become a true business partner. We have been providing V-CISO services since 2009, long before it became a trend and long before this type of service was referred to as "Virtualized CISO". Check out this article from 2009 in American Banker discussing our services soon after we launched the company:

This is the type of service where experience really does make a difference. 

Our V-CISO service is customized based on your specific needs and requirements and based the on the results of our proprietary Cybersecurity Readiness Assessment (see service description below). We can mange your entire program or only selected components. This service includes but is not limited to the following activities:

  • Cybersecurity Program and Policy Development
  • Developing Cybersecurity Strategic Plans
  • Performing Risk Assessments
  • Providing Security Awareness Training to Staff, Customers and Boards of Directors
  • Building Metrics Programs Based on Key Performance and Risk Indicators
  • Developing Incident Response Plans
  • Facilitating Incident Response and Disaster Recovery Testing Exercises
  • Performing Vulnerability Assessments
  • Reporting to Senior Management and Boards of Directors
  • Managing MSSP Relationships
  • Providing First Level Incident Response
  • Providing On-going Threat Intelligence Data
  • Performing Breach and Attack Simulation Testing

We have specialized expertise within the following industries:

  • Financial Services / Community Based Financial Institutions
  • Healthcare
  • Law Firms
  • Technology Companies and Service Providers
  • Fintechs
  • Blockchain Start-Ups

Please contact us to find out what makes us different and how we can help design and manage a cybersecurity program that is truly effective, affordable, and rooted in reality. 

Cybersecurity Readiness Assessment

Our practical, proven and proprietary approach to evaluating your organization's state of cybersecurity readiness should not be confused with a traditional security audit or vulnerability assessment. Our assessment process is designed to uncover issues that are not typically addressed during traditional security audits and assessments. 

Our ultimate goal is to determine if there are any significant gaps in your organization's current cybersecurity program. 

We strive to answer the following questions during our assessment:

  • Is your current Cybersecurity Program well-constructed and cohesive?
    • Is it aligned with current security regulations  (if applicable)? 
    • Does it effectively address current and emerging cybersecurity related threats? 
  • Are your security initiatives aligned with your strategic business plan? 
  • How are you determining the overall effectiveness of your security program? 
  • Are the controls and tools that you have invested in truly effective? 
  • Do the current security controls you have in place have a negative and unnecessary impact on operational efficiency? 
  • Are there any unnecessary controls or control overlaps? 
  • Is the scope of your assurance testing program appropriate and effective? 
  • Are staffing levels, knowledge and experience appropriate given the size and scope of your organization? 
  • Is your organization truly prepared to respond to a cyber incident? 
  • Is security awareness training program effective? 
  • If your organization suffered a breach would your cybersecurity program be defensible?

Information & Cyber Security Risk Assessments

Our Information & Cyber Security Risk Assessment service involves gathering and analyzing threat and risk areas so that you can make appropriate risk based business decisions. Our process is designed to help you effectively and efficiently assess risks related to the following:

  • New Technology Systems
  • New Vendor Relationships
  • New Products and Services

Our process identifies true threats,  potential vulnerabilities and associated risk levels. The results of our risk assessment process allow us to provide you with practical and actionable recommendations for risk reduction and mitigation.

If you have an existing risk management / assessment system we can help you optimize your usage of that system. We have experience with several of the most popular systems on the market.

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