Additional Services Provided

Managed Security Services

We have the resources to directly mange these services or work with you to build a set of requirements that can be used to find and engage an MSSP that can provide services that are tailored to your specific security goals and objectives.


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Vulnerability Assessment

Managed Detection and Response

Security Patching

Managed Firewall

Information Systems Internal Audit For Community Based Financial Institutions

An Information System Internal Audit involves the analysis and testing of controls put in place to mitigate risks; the evaluation of their overall effectiveness; and providing recommendations for improvement and remediation of any controls that are not meeting expectations.

Many IT auditors don’t understand that their role is to partner with an organization by helping them to improve their information security posture. Too many auditors have a “gotcha” mentality and appear more concerned with the number of issues they uncover as opposed to the overall value of their findings and recommendations.

Our information systems audits are conducted by experienced and knowledgeable information system audit and security professionals. By utilizing the skills of auditors and technologists coupled with our business knowledge we can provide your organization with an unsurpassed level of insight and value.

Office 365 Risk & Security Assessments

Securing Office 365 is a shared responsibility. Microsoft provides a good baseline of security and a good set of tools that allow you to take security to the next level, 

You bear the responsibility of securing your data in the cloud. Understanding your responsibilities, as well as the security capabilities that are available in O365, are key requirements to successfully fulfilling this responsibility.

Our O365 security assessment enables your organization to confidently secure your O365 platform by defining security responsibilities, identifying potential security gaps and providing recommendations to improve your security posture.

Board Level Cybersecurity Training For Community Based Financial Institutions

Your Board of Directors bears the ultimate responsibility for the security and well being of your institution. It is extremely important that they fully understand this responsibility and the risks and threats that are inherent to your institution. We can design a one-time training session or on-going training program, designed to elevate the Boards ability to understand the current regulatory and threat environment and their role in managing related risks.

Vulnerability Assessments

A Vulnerability Assessment is the process of identifying technical vulnerabilities in hardware, software, and networks as well as weaknesses in policies and practices relating to the operation of these systems. They can be performed internally, externally or in a combined fashion. The process involves the systematic examination of an entire information system or a specific component to determine the adequacy of security measures and to identify security deficiencies.

We utilize both open source and commercial tools for gathering security related information and analyzing vulnerabilities. Many of these tools provide “canned” reports that do not reflect the actual state of security within the systems they are run against. Unfortunately, many security consultants issue these reports to clients as is and without any analysis. This severely diminishes the value of the assessment and does not help to improve an organization’s security posture.

All of our assessments include a quality review by senior level security professionals and every security issue is double checked and confirmed before being issued in our report. Our report includes all discovered vulnerabilities which are itemized and prioritized with corresponding recommendations for remediation.

Target Market - Financial Services

Reliance upon technology is very high in the financial services industry and the price is high for not getting security right. 

The power of today's technologies must be balanced with a comprehensive information / cyber security program that provides a secure environment yet ensures that information is readily available. Information security is an ongoing process and the product of a well controlled and well managed environment. To maintain a competitive edge as well as acceptable regulatory compliance your institution must be able to continually assess the security situation and react in the face of rapidly changing threats, technologies, and business conditions.

We are focused on helping financial institutions with their information  / cyber security program and either responding to, or being ahead of, regulatory compliance requirements. Our services are designed to help mitigate cybersecurity risks, as well as regulatory compliance risk, by helping you implement and maintain a high-quality information / cyber security program in a professional, efficient and cost effective manner.

Our services and methodologies are based on guidelines derived from regulatory agencies and standards bodies such as FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council); NIST (the National Institute of Standards and Technology); and COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology).