About Us

Our Experience

We have decades of experience in business, technology and security across various industries. We have been working in technology since the advent of personal computers and networking - well before there was an "Internet". We were developing our security chops well before security was a "thing". We have a depth of experience and knowledge that you can trust. 

The security and well-being of your business is not something that you want to put in the hands of someone that hasn't "been there and done that".  We certainly have the battle scars to prove that we have.

Our Approach

We didn't name our company "Practical Security Solutions" just because we liked the name. We named it that way because providing practical security recommendations and solutions is our core operating philosophy. We became frustrated with many so called experts in the security industry that use fear, uncertainty and doubt as their approach to providing security related services. Our approach is rooted in reality, no scare tactics - just practical advise and solutions that work.

Why Us?

We are passionate about what we do.

We are focused on helping you build a highly effective cybersecurity program.

We never forget that you have a business to run and that security has to enable your business not inhibit it.

We desire to become an integral part of your organization and strive to protect your business as if it were our own.